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So what am I up to? I can't share my work, but I can share my hobbies! Here's a few of the things I do for myself, rather than my employer. is a massive question and answer repository for all things programming. It cover hundreds of languages, thousands of topics and is frequented by programmers around the world. It is the source for programming knowledge. I make use of it on a daily basis, so I also peruse my favorite tags to see if I can pay it forward and help other programmers.


GitHub is the modern home for open source software. Having worked with Git as a source control provider for a while now, I am a huge fan. GitHub provides free hosting to any project (including this page), as long as it is public. I don't have much here (currently) but I am trying to get more involved with the open source community. There are so many open source projects out there, it is difficult finding a place to start. In the mean time, I am publishing some of my own code. Who knows, maybe somebody will find it useful...

Project Euler

Project Euler presents a series of programming challenges, largely math-based, for users to solve. Since the majority of my work consists of planning and design, it is refreshing to do some good old fashioned programming! Most of the Project Euler problems require little or no architecture, so I get to spend some time devoted solely to the crafting and optimization of targeted algorithms. I really enjoy working on micro-optimizations and algorithmic improvements. It is a nice change of pace from designing complicated data structures and reviewing customer requirements.